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"I highly recommend Vanessa- she has excellent technique and is very attentive regarding pressure. She's a pleasure to be around, and you're always comfortable on her table. I am already looking forward to my next session!" --- Jessica L.

"After getting my first 1.5 hour massage from Vanessa, I was extremely impressed. She is a natural. She made sure I was very comfortable and made sure the pressure was perfect. I could feel the compassion and care vividly as she worked. I've gotten massages from a few people in the past on vacations and such and Vanessa was the best massage I've had, highly recommended." --- Carter H.

"Vanessa has a calm, loving presence and pairs that beautifully with awareness, attentiveness and professionalism. She has a strong, sensual, healing touch and she immediately makes a heart connection with her clients. She is very in tune with both the physical and energetic bodies. If ever the opportunity arises for something to be adjusted during a session, she empathetically and intuitively picks up on it and adjusts accordingly.

Massages with her are sincerely a healing, soothing, rejuvenating experience to body, mind and spirit. 

You owe it to yourself to treat yourself to a session with this incredible, talented practitioner. Your body and bones will thank you!" --- Jess Jones, Alternative Medicine Practioner

"For years I have struggled with chronic back pain as a result of a sport-related injury. Over the years I have seen many specialists in the fields of physical therapy and pain management. Vanessa, with her eclectic background and appreciation for holistic health, has been an invaluable addition to my own journey toward better health and happiness. She is attuned and skillful, empathetic and strong, passionate and creative in her use of formal education and training. My recommendation of Vanessa's work could not be overstated." --- Cassidy M.

"Vanessa is a caring and compassionate individual who has found massage therapy an excellent avenue for creating comfort and health for people around her. Each massage is tailored to the individual with careful consideration. I have felt both the therapeutic benefits of bodywork as well as deep relaxation in my sessions.

Thank you!" --Sara Engum, Strength Trainer

"After having chronic back pain and trying many other therapies, Vanessa was able to help ease my pain and allowed me to begin my process of healing. Vanessa knows her anatomy and was able to locate the problems in my back and hips. She checked in with me to make sure she wasn't hurting me or if I needed attention in other areas. I would highly recommend her for anyone needing body work done. She is amazing, makes you feel comfortable and has a space that is relaxing to be in." --- Morgan R.

"Vanessa taught me and my partner a beginning class on Thai massage for couples. Although I’m a novice to Thai massage, Vanessa quickly had me applying basic techniques to my partner in a gentle, safe and really fun way. The result was a great appreciation of Thai massage and, when it was my turn as the subject, great body work! I’d recommend it to any couples interested in giving and receiving a full body experience under a great tutor."-- Scott H.

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